New D-com* Acronyms: Glossary of UTN** Slang

Check out the latest slang making the rounds online/in text messages . . . Don’t be a CO (clueless one) . . . You don’t wanna miss out when she finally lights up your phone with: “TMC...HAK” (Text me cutie...hearts and kisses).

* Digital communications
** Up to the nanny [nanosecond] (“iPhone cases at Target tot UTN!”)

The Glossary is Here:

DSBY Don’t stop being you (“Wicked fun yest. J. All i cn say is DSBY!”)

DIA Does it again (“John Stamos DIA!!!”)

DOTI Don’t overthink it (“DOTI Jill, pls.”)

TMC Text me cutie

HAK Hearts and kisses

OTC On the corner

HTF Hold the fort

HTP Hold the phone (“OMG HTP the mayor’s pissing OTC nr. the F train on 23rd!!!”)

M2W Mark my words

SS Some slammin’ (“SS totes at Walmart M2W”)

LMT/K Lots more to come . . .

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