Last Daze at Trump University: Confessions of a Donald Trump Ghostwriter

I was known as the "Voice of Trump”—writing a blog under his name. It was the Donald’s first online presence, in 2005—at the dawn of social media, before Twitter and the smart phone; before “birtherism” and the financial crisis, when The Apprentice was at peak popularity (a more innocent time, to say the least). 

To become the Voice of Trump I had to summon the spirit of the man; I had to channel the Donald…I made my office a shrine to my job as mouthpiece for this titan of kitsch, this mogul of tawdry rhetorical baubles.

Read the article on Vox:

Watch for the upcoming book—a monumental memoir/exposé cum history of political media…in the tradition of All the President’s Tweets.

Donald Trump: Showman of the Skyline...

Colossus of New York...

Straddling the buildings that bear his name...

His signature branded upon the cityscape.

Last daze at Trump (it was all a blur)

Leaving Trump (marble lobby)

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